Philosophy of a champion
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Philosophy of a champion

Leotards for rhythmic gymnastics and dance

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Sleeveless leotard for training

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A girl can prepare for a performance in rhythmic gymnastics for months or even years. The girl tolerates pain, overcomes laziness and denies herself entertainment improving her movements. On the day of the competition, the athlete must look accordingly and be in love with her image in the mirror. A sports leotard for dancing will help her to emphasize the created image. The mood of the gymnast will depend on the beauty of the product. Graceful movements and the success of a show will depend on the comfort of a leotard for children.

What should be a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics

A Leotard should be selected based on the list of criteria below. The efforts of an athlete should not be disrupted by a cheap fake.

  • Elasticity
  • Wear Resistance
  • Strength
  • Comfort and safety
  • Style
  • Thermal Compliance
  • Immolability


Elasticity and durability of rhythmic gymnastics clothing

Fabric elasticity provides freedom of movement. Fabrics that are popular with customers are: supplex, stretch satin, velvet stretch, microfiber. Athletes in these leotards will not be constrained, the fabric will be an extension of the girl’s body, and all movements will more likely be successful.
Strength. For a leotard for dancing to fit a body successfully, it is necessary to choose a thin fabric paying close attention to durability. The material should not “come apart” or change shape after intense loading. All decorative elements must be sewn or glued firmly.

Comfort and Style

Safety and comfort. Convenience is important, but while wearing a leotard the girl should not sweat or freeze. A safe leotard does not impede blood circulation, does not compress the body and allows the skin to "breathe".
A stylish and refined leotard will always add points to the performance, because it will amaze the judges and complement the image. Beauty will add confidence to the girl, which will positively affect the performance. The girl should be in love with herself when putting on a leotard.


How to choose clothes for training?

When choosing clothing for fitness and daily training, pay attention to other factors. You do not need to amaze with the beauty of the image anymore, is the new priority. Clothing for dancing is not intended for one use, therefore it should serve for a long time.
If the training space is cold, choose a warm swimsuit. In summer, on the contrary, you should choose clothes that let moisture through, because the training is intense, and during your workout the body temperature rises. In order not to iron clothes for training every day, it is better to immediately buy a wrinkle free leotard.


On our site we have created leotards for ballet, gymnastics, fitness, yoga. The leotards are designed for children, you can also find teenage leotards. A fashionable design will allow girls to look stylish and confident in training. Certified fabrics are hypoallergenic, elastic and durable. At the same time, the swimsuits presented on this page are durable and will last a long time according to the manufacturers. Most likely, after use, you can sell it or give it away to younger children, because the high quality of the material justifies all the expenses.
Pay attention to the leotards that you can wear for performing. They are bright, extravagant and at the same time, they fit well. In our leotards, girls feel confident and comfortable. Make an order on our website now. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you with your purchase.