Philosophy of a champion
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Philosophy of a champion

Longsleeve - T-shirt with a long sleeve for sports

We often encountered problems finding long-sleeved T-shirts for gymnastics and dance. After all, most longsleeves were uncomfortable, had a tight fit or were too loose, and did not remove excess moisture. Solving these problems, we have created our collection of longsleeves for children and teenagers. What are the features and benefits of I0NA clothing?

Branded Longsleeve 1ONA

1Ona products made of Sunny Spring Thermo thermal fabric. Innovative textile allows air to circulate freely and helps remove excess moisture during exercise. The thermal fabric is thin, and you can train in a long-sleeved T-shirt even in a cold room in the winter or in the off-season. We can highlight few main advantages of our products:

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Stylish Design
  • Good size range
Despite the fact that the long sleeve from 10NA will always be warm, the microfleece stretches in six directions. Thanks to the special fit, the young athlete will be comfortable moving and performing complex sports exercises. The Italian thermal fabric Sunny Spring Thermo makes our longsleeve equally suitable for both yoga and dancing, as well as for ordinary fitness, outdoor jogging and even figure skating.
The stylish design allows you to wear a long-sleeve t-shirt in your everyday life: to school, for a walk outside or just to visit friends. The clothes are great to wear at home as well, because during online training it is also worth it to stand out among the crowd.


Comfort of Italian material

Hypoallergenic fabric allows you to feel comfortable in a longsleeve all day without skin irritation, prickly heat, or allergic reactions. This is important, because girls will be in a T-shirt for several hours every day.
You can combine it with other parts of your wardrobe. Order leggings and a vest in a package to complement the sports image of a future champion. We are constantly replenishing the assortment in our online store. A wide range of sizes allows you to find longsleeve for children and adolescents of any age.

Why do you get more when ordering at 1ONA?

We process orders on the day of receipt, shipping anywhere in the world. You can pay for the goods in a way convenient for you: cash on delivery, online VISA / MasterCard via LiqPay or PayPal. Receive a bag for storing long sleeves as a gift. There are more than a hundred satisfied customers already wear our branded clothing from IONA. We sell wholesale and retail, and we make discounts on large group orders.
In attempts to create clothes for training, we did not expect international success. Today, our customers are residents of European countries and other parts of the world. Our eco-friendly clothes adorn future champions and helps them achieve their goals with comfort and high quality. Join today with our growing customer base to see all the benefits of 1ONA. For any information, use the contacts on our official website.