Philosophy of a champion
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Philosophy of a champion

Brand T-shirts 1ONA

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Women's cropped T-shirt with built-in top

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Sports top with light support

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Clothes can be a random set of rags from a store, market, or closet. Or they can be a continuation of a person, their style, they way they convey their worldview and tell the world about themselves without words. 10NA brand t-shirts include two ingredients. They allow the girl to express herself and stand out from the crowd. They are appropriate for sports: gymnastics, ballet, dancing, yoga and other training.

Why aren't 1ONA t-shirts just t-shirts?

1Ona make t-shirts in our own production facility from Sunny Spring Thermo thermal fabric. Some features of this fabric are stretch and heat-shielding functions. On the one hand, the t-shirt stretches in six directions. This is important for athletes performing complex gymnastic tricks. The trainer should see every detail of the performance so that the girl achieves perfection in the exercises. Another feature of the insulated T-shirt is that you can practice in it even in a cold room. Thanks to laser processing of thermofleece, the fabric allows for air to pass, removes moisture, and retains heat.

Quality control

Pay attention to the even seams. We made sure that every detail and every line are perfect. The t-shirt will last a long time, even after many washes it will look like new. Also, the seams are soft and do not rub off during long and grueling workouts and the neck does not stretch. Each girl will like the color choice. Pink, black and lavender complement the sporty look. They can be used as casual wear. It can be also used as thermal underwear in the cold season. The size assortment allows you to buy a branded T-shirt for a girl and a teenager.

Benefits of ordering a product with 1ONA?


  • We respond the same day we receive the order.
  • We deliver free of charge in Ukraine.
  • We ship in a branded bag so that it is convenient for you to store your T-shirt.
  • Payment for goods which is convenient for you: cash on delivery, online VISA / MasterCard via LiqPay or PayPal.
  • We sell wholesale and retail, and can make discounts on large group orders.
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